High gloss military-style shoe shine

Freedom from the hassle
of spit polishing

Low maintenance time saver

Be ready to go in minutes

Long lasting patent leather look

For leather shoes,
boots, belts and bags

What is Leather Luster?

Leather Luster is a special shoe shine formula in liquid form. Once applied to leather army or police boots or shoes, it will give you a high gloss military shoe shine that is low maintenance. See the step by step instructions on how to apply Leather Luster shoe polish to your leather shoes, boots and belts.

Where to buy Leather Luster

Please contact us to purchase Leather Luster.
The kit is only available for pickup from Sydney.

Ask your shoe repairer

If you simply don't have time to treat your boots, why not ask if your local cobbler will provide this service for you. We have discounts for multiple kit purchases.