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Frequently asked questions

Does Leather Luster work on all shoes?

Leather Luster was formulated for leather only. The product has been used on leather upper balance man-made materials, boots and shoes with success. However, you must follow the instructions completely. We have found that many boots and shoes today have water proofing and oil resisting agents on them; therefore, use only very thin coats when applying Leather Luster. You will get the same high gloss shine.

Does the thickness of the leather matter?

Leather Luster must be able to soak into the material. If the material is thin on the boot or shoe, then you should only apply 2-3 thin coats of Leather Luster. If product has too many coats, the product may start to peel on man-made material boots and shoes. Again we stress that the Leather Luster must be able to soak into the boot or shoe.

How long will Leather Luster last?

Leather Luster will last six months to a year, if not longer.

What do you do if leather article scuffs or appears dull after a while?

Buff leather article lightly with steel wool until smooth and apply another coat of Leather Luster solution.

What do I do if Leather Luster will not dry?

Proper pre-cleaning of the leather from dyes and oils is required before using Leather Luster solution. Clean the leather article a few more times with the Pre-Cleaner. The wet Leather Luster will come right off but leave any already dried Leather Luster solution intact. Apply another coat after re-cleaning.

Can you blow-dry or use the oven to dry leather article?

No. This may cause the solution to crack or peel off from the leather.

Can I use alcohol to clean off waxes, oils and dyes?

No, alcohol cannot be used in the cleaning step. You must use Leather Luster Pre-cleaner or General Purpose Lacquer Thinner to do the proper cleaning.