Instructions for use

Required materials
  1. Leather Luster solution (in the kit)
  2. Fine grade steel wool (in the kit)
  3. Leather Luster Pre-cleaner (in the kit)
  4. Fine grade sand paper
  5. Cotton towelling cloth rags
  6. Extra cleaner may be required –
    use General Purpose Lacquer Thinner
How to apply Leather Luster

It will take approximately 4 5 days to complete the entire Leather Luster cleaning, application and drying process. Please be patient and don't rush it.

  1. Boots with a waterproof coating are especially hard to clean so use fine grade sandpaper to lightly buff in order to help open the pores of the leather and give the surface a "tooth".
  2. Do this next step in a well ventilated area. Continue to remove all waxes, oils and dyes from leather articles (new or used) with cotton towelling cloth rags and Leather Luster Pre-cleaner. When sufficiently cleaned, the leather article will appear to have an even matte surface and very little colour will come off onto the rag. If not properly pre-cleaned, the Leather Luster polish will not dry.
  3. Set in sun 10-15 minutes to dry from the Pre-cleaner.
  1. Apply one very, very thin coat of Leather Luster solution and allow to dry naturally for 4-6 hours.
    DO NOT bake, blow dry or try to expedite the natural drying process in any way. Doing so, may damage your leather article and produce an unsatisfactory finished product. Only once completely dry and not tacky at all, proceed to step 2.
    NOTE: If Leather Luster is not completely dry, then not all oils and dyes have been removed. Use Pre-cleaner and a cloth to re-scrub the tacky areas. The Leather Luster that has already dried will not be removed.
  2. Apply a second coat of Leather Luster and repeat the drying process (4-6 hours). Apply very thin, even coats. Thin coats ensure the product becomes part of the leather and prevents cracking. At this stage the leather will still have a dull finish.
  3. Once you have two good coats, buff leather lightly with the steel wool pad for a smooth, even surface. Dust off any steel wool particles. At first it will seem like you are buffing off everything you just applied but, by the third and fourth coats you will see the shine develop.
  4. Apply a third coat, dry thoroughly and again lightly smooth out any bumps with the steel wool.
  5. Apply a fourth coat. If this is your final coat take care to avoid drips as if you were painting. Bubbles can be removed by gently blowing on them. It helps if you don't shake the can of Leather Luster before this step.
  6. You can repeat steps 3-5 until the desired gloss is achieved. The final coat gives the high gloss finish and is not buffed with the steel wool.
If you scuff or scratch
  1. Buff the area with the steel wool pad.
  2. Apply Leather Luster and allow to dry.
To remove Leather Luster finish and to re-apply
  1. Wet a lint-free cloth with Diggers Lacquer Thinner and blot old finish, let set for 30-60 seconds. Old Leather Luster will rise to the surface of the leather article.
  2. Wipe off with rag.
  3. For re-application, repeat preparation and application instructions.